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Best Motorcycle GPS: 5 Tips in Choosing One

Best Motorcycle GPS: 5 Tips in Choosing One

A motorcycle GPS is a device that most riders find very valuable these days. If you think a standalone phone makes a good alternative to this tool, you’re mistaken.

What a motorcycle GPS basically does is that it helps you navigate your way through places, making any trip more thrilling and adventurous. It also records movement of your motorcycle and helps you track it in case it gets stolen.

Are you looking for the best motorcycle GPS this year? If you’re planning to get yourself one, you’re lucky because we have prepared a list of the essential factors to consider.

1. Durability and weatherproofing

The best motorcycle GPS should be able to withstand falls and harsh weather. If you travel often, you obviously need something that’s going to survive anything that Mother Nature throws at it. When selecting among several of these devices, make sure to look for one that’s made of fuel-resistant plastics.

2. Ease of use

Another important factor to consider is ease of use. One thing you should be able to do is to operate the touch screen even when you are wearing gloves. The installation process must also be relatively easy at the level of a beginner.

3. Long battery life

What good would a motorcycle GPS be if it easily runs out of battery life? Battery life is essential especially on long road trips. This will make your journey smoother and enjoyable. Also remember that a charger must accompany the GPS.

4. Easy viewing

The best motorcycle GPS should ideally have an anti-glare screen coating to help you easily view it under bright sunlight. Nowadays, there are tons of GPS units that have this outdoor feature.

5. Speed alert system

Safety is of utmost importance when you’re riding a motorcycle. The best motorcycle GPS will alert you when you are going overboard with your speed through its speed alert system. You’ll be able to hear sounds that will signal you to slow down.


Riding a motorcycle is definitely easier with the presence of a GPS. We hope that our quick guide will be able to help you make a good buying decision.